Back from Vegas

6 May

The photos are compliments of my sister from her recent trip to Las Vegas. I had to go for work- and really did a ton of work while I was there- and was very happy to come back home.

Vegas is not the kind of town that is conducive to getting business done. Me having to get up at 6am did not go well with my hotel next door neighbors staying up until 4am. Hopefully, they slept through my 6am shower and watching of the news.

And, I thought we were still in a bit of a recession? You would never know it by the packed streets, restaurants and casinos that I saw the last few days. Also, seeing a woman purchase several (like 5) high priced handbags (like each over $1000) made me wonder about how much she had won or what she does for a living! I did see at least 20 brides while I was there- everything from the traditional long white dress to the white micro-mini- and one even got a huge audience and applause when her and her new husband danced down the hallway.

Overall, staying at the Bellagio was great- the staff was so nice and helpful, the rooms were nice, the food was good and everything work-wise went as planned. The bad parts about the trip- the early morning flight there, the red eye flight back, the really dumb girls that sat behind me on the bad flight and being away from home. Hadley was very happy to see me but I think Kerry might have been even more happy to see me since it meant he was no longer the single parent 🙂

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