Week in Review

26 Apr

Last week flew by and I failed to make any updates on here. I promise to be better this week. The week started off busy- and then ended with me having a sore throat, achy ears and bad congestion. Oh, allergies really suck.

Miss H had a serious runny nose but it did not seem to slow her down. I even called the doctor about it and his response was that everyone was being impacted by the high pollen count. We are hoping she is not an allergy sufferer!

Here she is modeling one of her new articles of clothing (and super cool socks) from Dad and Kathy. Also, one of her new favorite toys is my non-functioning old digital camera.

The last few weeks- she has taken a real interest in door knobs and trying to get things open. She has become successful in opening closet doors but luckily this door has a deadbolt 🙂

So, someone in the family (well, two someones) have birthdays on Saturday! Hadley and I have been busy shopping and we are excited for Kerry to unwrap his gifts. Also, Kerry’s dad will be celebrating his birthday and we are excited for him to see his gift too. Stay tuned for the birthday edition post.

Hope everyone is having an allergy free week!

One Response to “Week in Review”

  1. rossandkathy April 27, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Hope Miss H is feeling better…and of course we love the outfit…

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