Visit from South Dakota

19 Apr

I have been a bad blogger and did not make a single update last week! Dad and Kathy came to visit us- all the way from South Dakota. They are making their annual trip east to visit family and friends and stayed with us a few days. We had a great time with them and Hadley loved the toys and presents they arrived with!

The ballpopper was a big hit and it has been hard to get her away from it the last few days. We all spent lots of times chasing stray balls around the living room. Hadley loves the music and gets excited every time a bright colored ball pops out of the tube. Unfortunately, the wooden blocks, plastic eggs and food- do not pop out as she would hope.

Also, our South Dakota visitors arrived with a very large stuffed pony that Miss H loves to pet and climb under. Unlike her other stuffed animals- it is not as easy to drag around the room because I am sure it weights more than Hadley. However, she has gotten very proficient in knocking over the pony.

Hadley also showed Dad and Kathy her ability to trash our living room in a matter of minutes but both of them enjoyed playing blocks, shopping with the grocery cart and the endless entertainment of the ballpopper with Miss H.

Dad and Kathy left yesterday to continue their trip and we are looking forward to seeing them again soon!

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