Visit from Minnesota

11 Apr

Kerry’s dad arrived on Friday and we have been busy ever since! When I arrived at the airport on Friday- I found the B terminal shut down and police everywhere. After about 40 minutes- the airport was re-opened and things went back to normal. Luckily, his flight was still on time and he had no knowledge of the problems on the ground! We headed over to the Jefferson Memorial to see if there were any remnants of the Cherry Blossoms left- and sadly no pink blossoms were to be found. But, we did enjoy the nice weather at the monument and returned home for a yummy dinner. Hadley warmed up to grandpa really quickly and it was great to see the two of them together.

Saturday morning we headed to the Capitol for a tour. The place was packed! A friend of Mom was nice enough to get us tickets and we did enjoy ourselves. Kerry and I did laugh about being stuck with the tour group of 80 year olds from South Florida. Hadley loved her echoing voice and since we all had to wear silly headphones- no one was disturbed by it.

Kerry was happy to find the center of DC-wonder where Hadley gets her ham-ish tendencies from?

After a visit to the Library of Congress and lunch on Capital Hill- it was back home so the boys could watch the Masters. However, we decided not to let the good weather go to waste so we headed to Old Town for a great seafood dinner at the Chart House. Hadley was on her best restaurant behavior (the waiter even commented about her happiness twice).

We were up early on today and headed to Fort McHenry in Baltimore for another day of seeing the sites. The weather was fantastic and it was not crowded at all.

Miss H decided early into our visit that she would not be wearing shoes and did not want to be held or in the stroller. She was going to walk all over the place.

It was this way, and that way and up the hill and down the hill. And as soon as one of us would get close- she would turn and go the over way.

We had a great visit! And, we are looking forward to his return in the fall (we are trying to convince him by offering more cool sites and one really cool baby!)

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