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Happy Easter (and happy great weather too)

4 Apr

It has been great weather all weekend! And, I don’t think we have stopped moving until right about now. On Friday, we both got off work early and headed to Old Town to enjoy the beautiful weather. After walking around- we decided to get dinner and picked a place we have never been. The Wharf was yummy and even Miss H enjoyed the oyster crackers. 

Oh, the airplanes were loud.

Yesterday, we headed to Annapolis so Kerry could fix/paint/mulch some things around Mom’s house. While he was busy- the three ladies did some shopping.  Hadley got a bunch of cute clothes and a pair of Crocs. They are not the most fashionable- but she likes them and as a mom- I like that they are anti-bacterial 🙂

Today, we attempted to go to church but only made it about 25 minutes. Unfortunately, the first 20 were waiting for the service to begin. We did not even last through the first lesson. Hadley decided she had other plans and was tired of being held, not being able to escape the row and did not want to miss her nap time.

Kerry thought it was odd that the Easter Egg Hunt was in the graveyard (Mom tried to explain that it was called the church yard- but if there are headstones, I think it is a graveyard).

After all that morning excitement, it was back home to have lunch with family. We did not have a very traditional Easter lunch- but it was a yummy pork tenderloin and there is very little left.  Hadley did get the traditional eggs for the holiday and she has now added them all to her grocery chart. If we are missing a cell phone, remote control or anything else- the cart is the first place to look.

To enjoy the nice weather this afternoon- it was another wagon ride around the neighborhood and a stop at Home Depot. We were both left wondering how it went by so fast! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!