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One year check-up

29 Mar

Miss H had her one-year check-up late on Friday afternoon. She is 20 pounds 6 ounces and is 30 inches long. The doctor was very impressed with her walking, her ‘talking’ and her curiosity. She tried to walk away with his stethoscope and did not want to let go of the tongue depressor. Besides a few seconds of wailing after the shots- it was a great visit. Lucky duck will most likely never have chicken poxs either!

I had to post another walking video.

Or click here.

We were given the go ahead to try any food (besides nuts and shellfish) and we are trying to switch her over to whole milk. She is so-so about the milk thing (she might have gotten that from me) but is really into trying our food.

We had pictures taken over the weekend (sorry I am too tired to go upstairs to scan the picture in so you get a pic of the pic). She was very excited about the plastic eggs they had at the studio and the 67 cent bag of eggs we purchased at Target have been a big hit.

If you wonder what that noise in the background is when you talk to us on the phone- well here is the video. Pure excitement about whatever.

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