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Never a dull morning

10 Mar

Things are a tad hectic at our house in the morning. Kerry and I are trying to get to work and Hadley is constantly on the move and requires 100% attention. She loves to climb, pull things down, explore corners, open doors and pilfer through drawers. Today, in less than 10 seconds, she managed to get a child proof top off a bottle of Zantac. She popped the top as she was using the bottle as a rattle, pills when flying (these are tiny by the way), as I was trying to get the bottle away from her- she was trying to both put the bottle in her mouth and collect some from the floor. Pills were down her pajamas, in the sink, on the floor, between my toes and in the bathtub. My biggest fear- there was one or more in her mouth. I tried to pry her mouth open to look in- she clenched even harder and it became a battle to get the little pills out of her hand. I already have the pediatrician on speed dial so as I am wrestling with her- I am calling them. Of course, the office is not open so I leave a message with the answering service. The doctor’s office is always so responsive but I am thinking do I call 911? The hospital (PSA of the day: hospital does not give out medical advice over the phone)? The pharmacy? Daycare? As I am running through the list- the doctor calls back and transfers me to Poison Control. The nicest, calmest, very informative woman from Poison Control tells me that while Zantac is not ideal for a baby- there are no serious side effects and it does not require a trip to the hospital. My racing heart returned to normal and I thanked the woman over and over again. She reassured me that I was not going to get the bad parent of the year award and said they handle 1000s of these calls. Hadley, not amused by any of the activities of the last 10 minutes, went back to playing with her toys. I don’t think she ingested any medication and the rest of the day she was perfectly fine. But, I did add the Poison Control number into my cell phone. Hoping I don’t have to use it again!

In other news, Hadley enjoys just sitting in the bin. Kerry and I laugh that it is a great way to keep her contained.

As I mentioned in my last post, Leigh was nice enough to get Hadley a singing and dancing chicken last weekend. Kerry and I both know the song by heart now and are so happy that Hadley knows how to make it sing and dance. Over. And over. And over again.