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Spring Weather

7 Mar

We had great weather this weekend! Hopefully it sticks around for the  next few months. Or at least melts the piles of snow that are still hanging around.

Two weeks ago, we switched Hadley into the later in the day swimming class because the class she was in fell right in the middle of nap time and this made her crabby. Well, we went to our first new time swim class yesterday and she was still crabby about the whole thing. She did not like the cold water and when Kerry tried to put her on her back– she was having none of it. She was shivering, pulling up her arms and legs and was just miserable. She lasted a whole 12 minutes in the pool. At least this time, she had little friends who were just an unhappy. We have decided to postpone swimming lessons for a few months because it should be fun and Hadley was not having fun in the chilly pool.

After all that excitement, we headed to Annapolis to have a belated birthday lunch for Leigh. Leigh and Mom found Hadley a dancing chicken and this has led to hours of entertainment. It does the ‘chicken dance’ and Hadley mimics the dance and laughs.

(Notice to dance- we must also have socks in our hand)

Speaking of socks- they are not for her feet any longer but to chew on. Yum.

Today it was even warmer and we headed to Old Town for lunch and to enjoy the fresh air. We had great photo opportunities but I left the camera at home. Trust me- it was beautiful out! Hope everyone had a great weekend.