We did not win the lottery

4 Mar

In these parts, that would be White House Easter Egg Roll lottery. Hadley is entirely too young for the festivities but I decided it would be fun to enter anyway.  And, we did not get any tickets 😦 But, hopefully next year!

It is a cool Washington tradition that started in 1814 by Dolly Madison and has grown to a huge yearly event. Last year, they started an online ticket system (it use to be waiting in line to get tickets) and this year they had a series of times for the tickets.

Kerry thought I was a little nuts to enter this year. Hadley is not exactly great in a crowd- and without the help of a stroller- can be downright impossible to try and control. But, it would have been fun to be on the White House lawn! I am sure she would have had no interest in chasing eggs but we could have gotten some cool photos for the baby book.

Hopefully we know someone who got the tickets! And, we will have to plan our strategy for next year.

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