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The week is half over

3 Mar

Hadley’s two favorite toys- my red cell phone and the….

remote control. No matter what we try to replace them with- these are the two things she will go after every time. It was quite funny tonight when she was holding the phone and it rang. Completely startled by the noise.

This week- her favorite activity is to ‘read’ herself books. She babbles and turns the pages. If one of us, tries to actually read the book to her- she either leaves or tries to quiet our reading with her noises. So, not much real reading has taken place this week but at least she appreciates the books! She is taking more steps every day but when she needs to get somewhere quick- crawling is still the best way.

Kerry is enjoying his new job and luckily our daily routine has not changed too much. It is really the little things these days that make us happy 🙂