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I would really like it to be spring….

1 Mar

I am over this winter. I am over my winter clothes. I am tired of the wind and the cold and the snow and the gray skies. As much as I love my Uggs- I am ready to put them away. Along with the coats, jackets, fleece, sweaters, wool pants and gloves. Come on spring weather!

I am sure I am being overly optimistic but it is March today so there is a chance things could start to warm up around here.

I forgot to charge the camera so I have no pictures right now (will post after work today) . We ended up having a busy weekend and since Mom came to babysit- Kerry and I had a fun evening out on Saturday. Thanks Mom!

Kerry starts his new job today and looked very nice all dressed up in a suit this morning 🙂 Hadley and I are positive he will have a great first day and week but I am sure he will be exhausted.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! More to come later today!