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Just call this the DC snow blog

8 Feb

More snow is coming tomorrow. Could be 5-10 inches or could be more. Hey- Mother Nature- we don’t need any more snow! According to the above map- our circle in the 12-14 inch range. What???¬†There is no where to put it and we are already a little stir crazy over here.

Seriously, I have not left the house for more than 5 minutes since Friday at 1pm. And, I have not ventured more than 10 feet from our outside door. Pathetic. No work today- metro’s outside stations are closed, federal government is closed, schools are closed, daycare is closed and the roads are still a mess.¬† And, we could be getting more snow?!? I really want warmer weather to arrive.

Hadley has been enjoying playing under the table (perfect place to park the car).

However, the chairs cause frustration when they get in the way.

Then today, a large package arrived in the mail. Kerry’s surprise gift was a big hit. (Yes- she is still in her pajamas but it is that kind of day around here).

The wagon even has cupholders.

It would be nice to take the wagon outside but we can’t find our sidewalks or street!

We will keep you posted on our next snowfall. Hope everyone is staying warm.