It is still coming down…

6 Feb

Yes, Kerry is sitting on the stop sign.

It is still snowing and piling up quickly. We are now getting one of the ‘heavier bands’ of snow and honestly it looks the same as the heavy snow we have been getting since yesterday.

On a boo for you snow note- we are going to miss Jay and Tiffany’s wedding tonight 😦 There is just no way for us to get out of our neighborhood. Yesterday, the plan was to ride with Jorge and Gina since they have a big truck but they can’t even get out of their driveway. We are both bummed about it but the ceremony will be streamed live so we can at least watch. Also, they will be on the local news later today so we will post that too. We wish them the best today and they will definitely have a story to tell for the years to come!

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