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Well, it is snowing.

5 Feb

The snow started at 10am- right as predicted and it just keeps getting stronger. I am a little skeptical of our weatherman’s math skills because I just heard this on the news:

‘We currently have 3 inches and starting at 7pm- it will be snowing at the rate of 2 inches per hour until 7am. By morning, we should have 12 inches of snow.’

Hmmmm…. my math says 3 inches + (12 hours x 2 inches per hour)= 27 inches.

We will see who is correct.

In other unsnow-related news, we got our new dining room table yesterday.

It has many more chairs and a table extender for when we have guests. We love the counter height table and so does Miss Hadley (she can get under the table and not hit her head).

When I went outside to take pictures of the snow- Hadley had fun with the sliding glass door.