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More snow.

3 Feb

There was a time that the news would predicts all this snow and we would get nothing. Over and over again. Schools would be canceled and the trucks would be out and the storm would never show up. I miss those days.

We got more snow last night and it was very pretty this morning but with the forecast of ‘feet’ this weekend- I am totally over it. And, we have plans this weekend that could once again be messed up do to the weather.

Hadley is not a big fan of the snow either. She does not like her down coat, her pink hat, the extra clothes, the wind, the cold, the drops falling on her head- none of it. Obviously, she got that from me.

She is standing up a lot now and is enjoying her new ability to reach things that she could not before. Bad for us since we now have to keep moving things higher and higher.

The outfit is in honor of Tai Shan leaving DC tomorrow.

I just changed the URL for our blog- so remember to update your links!