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Swimming, Snowing and Shoveling

30 Jan

We started off the morning with a prediction of snow and as we drove to Hadley’s first swim lesson we saw the first flakes. As the swimming lesson started, it was coming down harder and by the end the sidewalks, cars and streets were covered in snow. Now, it is still coming down and I am going to predict that prediction of 2-4 inches is wrong.

But, before we talk about snow- we need to talk about swimming. Hadley did great for the first 25 minutes of the 30 minute class. When we registered her for the class- our concern was it fell right in the middle of her morning nap but we decided she would be fine. She feel asleep on the way to the rec center but perked up when she saw all the kids.

I was informed after this photo that camera are not allowed until the last class. What???? No pictures of swimming until April?? Oh well.

Anyway, Hadley and Kerry enjoyed themselves in the pool and are looking forward to next week. After all the excitement of swimming and a big lunch- Hadley feel sound asleep. Probably a good thing considering we are not doing anything else today since the roads have not been plowed and we are kind of stuck at the top of the hill.

Hope everyone is staying warm!