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Up the stairs

25 Jan

Hadley makes a mad dash for the stairs if she thinks she can get through the blockade. Today’s blockade was not so strong.

Don’t worry- this is fully supervised.

Or click here.

And, in case you want to see another attempt.

Or click here.

And, then she takes off.

Or click here.

Besides stair climbing- it was a busy weekend around here. Kerry arranged a surprise date for me on Friday and we had a great dinner! He gets the A+ super husband of the week award 🙂 Then on Saturday, we had brunch with friends and Hadley enjoyed playing with Shadi and Adam’s son Cyrus. Cyrus is a cutie and was good sport about sharing his toys and getting his pacifier stolen right out of his mouth. I think Hadley was trying to break his habit or was reminiscing about her old one. Then today, Kerry and Hadley stayed home to watch football while I headed to Annapolis for lunch with Mom and a friend’s baby shower. Whew- time to get ready for work tomorrow.