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Is it only Tuesday?

12 Jan

This cold weather is getting really old. I am definitely not a fan of the cold and Hadley is even less so. If it is windy, she holds her breath. If it is below 40 degrees, she lets out a loud screech. If it is both windy and cold, panic takes over. And, getting her into a coat is a wrestling match.

Once I got her into her coat and into the cold on Sunday- she was happy that we ended up at playgroup. She had a blast playing with a group of girls her age and was fascinated with the kids running in circles around the room. The biggest smile came from the pretzel she got a hold of and gobbled up. This was the biggest playgroup we had attended and she was thoroughly exhausted by the end. There was no wrestling match to put the coat on and she fell asleep as I carried her to the car. We are looking forward to going again (and the long, long nap after).

Her favorite activity at home right now is to pull the toys out of the box and climb into the box. Or, to push the box around the room. Who knew it would be the perfect height to walk with?

Hours of entertainment comes from the clear plastic box.

And, she is still not happy about the gate.

Hopefully, she will be happy about her swimming lessons! They start in two weeks and I finally found her a swimsuit for this adventure. We are hoping that her enthusiasm and desire to splash, kick and move around the bathtub will be the same at the pool 🙂