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Back from New Orleans

9 Jan

I had to go to New Orleans for a work and got back this afternoon. Kerry and Hadley stayed at home but Mom decided to join me on the business trip since she had never ventured to New Orleans. Unfortunately, our trip coincided with the coldest weather the city has seen in 25 years. We were hoping for a break from the cold since the normal temperature in southern Lousiana this time of year are in the 60s but we got temperatures in the 20s and 30s. If you even brought up the weather at the hotel, in a shop, in a restaurant or to a cab driver- you would be convinced that these temperatures are the coldest anyone has ever been. Ever.

Despite the weather, and the fact that I did have work to do, we had a great time. While I worked on Thursday and Friday- Mom took a tour of the city that included seeing the damage and power from Hurricane Katrina and toured the Oak Alley Plantation. I have been to New Orleans several times and have not seen as much as she did!

One of my favorite parts of the city is the great food. I am almost convinced there is not a bad place to eat. We decided to try Emeril’s this time and it was really great. Our entrees were delicious but it was the dessert that was the best part. How good does this look?

It was definitely the best banana creme pie I have ever had. We enjoyed our trip and both of us had on-time flights, no lost luggage and even with the cold- New Orleans is a fun city to visit.

Kerry and Hadley were both happy to have me home 🙂