Christmas Week in Review

28 Dec

Since I have not posted too much in the last week- here is a re-cap of the Christmas week! Kerry and I both worked up through Wednesday and Mom arrived midday on Christmas Eve. I had one last gift to pick up for Kerry and had delayed because there was no where for me to hide a six foot ladder (it was on his Christmas wishlist) without him stumbling across it and I needed my mother’s SUV to make bringing it home easier. We told Kerry we were heading to a home furnishing store but instead headed to the large home improvement store near our house. I am not naming the store (but I am sure some of you can guess which store it is) because after finding the right 6 foot ladder, we headed to the register and according to the register it was only $13. I knew this was not correct (because I had seen the sign at the store and I had seen the price on the website) and pointed out this incorrect price to the cashier. I was then informed that the register was saying that was the price and if I wanted to pay more I am sure something could be worked out. So, I did not want to ruin the cashier’s lovely Christmas mood and decided to just pay my $13 and take the ladder home. Also, my mother told her FOUR times the price was wrong and continued to discuss the price discrepancy as we walked out. Kerry was thrilled with his new ladder and wondered why I had not bought several more.

After a late lunch and last minute Christmas wrapping- it was decided that Mom and I would go to church and Kerry and Hadley would stay home. Hadley would never have survived the service and Kerry was content to stay at home. We got to the Christmas Eve service and it was packed. The usher nicely took us almost to the front of the church where we sat in a u-shaped pew with a very nice family. We found out that it was George Washington’s pew and it was the first time in my life where I got to watch the church goers instead of the ministers! The family was super nice to share their space with us and we got to see Kelly Taylor’s mom lead the service. (Extra points for you all who know who I am referring to!) I do enjoy the Christmas music and lessons and it was a nice way to spend Christmas Eve.

Christmas was lots of fun with Mom and Leigh and we were all spoiled with nice gifts. It was nice to speak to many family members and friends and hear about their days. Both Dad and Kathy and Kerry’s family got truly white Christmas days in their home states!

On Saturday, we decided to take down the tree and decorations because keeping Hadley away from them was starting to get exhausting. While she napped- we packed away the things for next year and recovered our living room. The rest of the weekend was fairly low-key and we took a quick trip to Annapolis on Sunday.

Today was a busy day for Hadley that started off with a stay at the back-up daycare for my office. We were not sure how she was going to react to the new surroundings, new kids and new teachers but she did great. Then in the afternoon, she had her 9 month appointment and is healthy as can be. She is officially 18 pounds 13 ounces and 28 1/2 inches tall. The doctor was impressed with her balance, smiles, strength and overall health. He gave us the okay to introduce more foods so tonight Hadley got spaghetti with sauce for dinner.

Kerry moved her onto the tile floor because we thought it was going to be a mess.

But, it was not as messy as we predicted.

Hadley has enjoyed her new toys. She has not yet learned that it takes both hands to drive.

This year has flown by and we are looking forward to an exciting 2010! Hope you all have had a great holiday season!

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