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Miss H's First Christmas

25 Dec

We had a great Christmas with Mom and Leigh! We started off the morning with a yummy breakfast and right before we started to open gifts- Hadley decided it was morning nap time. After her 90 minute snooze- she was ready to see what all the packages were about. She was totally into the ribbons and paper but if we tried to put one in front of her- she was more interested in the packages that were not in front of her. With a litle help, she got all her goodies open! She got a car, a piano, weebles, a Dr. Seuss blanket, a baby doll, several outfits, rubber ducks, many books and lots of toys to keep her occupied.

Leigh and I got matching hats.

Hadley cruised the living room in reverse. But often got blocked by the packages.

Also, she modeled her new pajamas (what Santa does not bring me Grandma will!) and read Dr. Seuss.

Kerry put things together, including a Tennessee cheerleading outfit for Hadley’s bearĀ and seemed comfortable in the pink chair.

We even remembered to pose for the Christmas Day photo.

Hadley was so exhausted from the packages- she almost fell asleep eating lunch.

More pictures to come!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

25 Dec

To all our family and friends who are spread all over the world- we wish you a very merry Christmas! We hope you are enjoying your day- with snow or sunshine, with your loved ones, on the ski slopes or on the beach, at your new homes or in the homes you grew up in, in big cities or small towns, from coast to coast, and continent to continent- and hope 2010 brings you lots of cheer.