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9 months old!

22 Dec

Hadley is 9 months old today- and a special 1st birthday wish to cousin Elliott who turns a year old today!

We do not have any updated stats because her doctor appointment is next week but she is definitely getting bigger and getting into everything. While we were stuck in the house for most of the weekend and yesterday- she decided her new favorite toy is her pink chair. The chair has bypassed the wooden spoon in popularity. We even had to bring it out into the living room to distract her from trying to climb into the fireplace. But, it also doubles as a good blocking device for places we do not want her to crawl into.

This photo- complete with bed head hair.

Lucky for us, she can crawl into it all by herself. Not always the most graceful of entries or exits but still without much help.

And, it is a good place to eat read books.

This is the view we now see most of the time if we are on the couch. She loves to pull herself up on the ottoman and gets the biggest smile about her success. And, do you see the lovely plastic fence behind her?

Over the last week, she also figured out she can pull herself up on the couch, the refrigerator, the cabinets, the dining room chairs, the closet in the bedroom, the stairs, the window sill, the sliding glass door, her toy bin, her pink chair, the side of her crib and really anything within reach. Kerry and I are getting our exercise by following her around the house.

Happy nine months to Hadley!