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Digging Out

20 Dec

We got somewhere around or above 20 inches of snow and we even managed to dig ourselves out. Well, Kerry did all the shoveling (3 rounds yesterday and one this morning) that allowed us to leave the neighborhood. We headed to Jorge and Gina’s house to help them with their very long driveway but they found a plow to do get rid of the snow much quicker. So, an afternoon of shoveling turned into a nice lunch at their house. Hadley was impressed with all their furniture to pull herself up on and Jorge and Gina were impressed with her new skills.

Hadley is not sure what to think of the snow or wind. I don’t think she is impressed with either. When we walk out into the cold she holds her breath and does not seem amused by the temperature or blowing snow. I think she got that from me.

I tried to get a cute picture of her in all her winter gear but all she wants to do is lunge for the camera or crawl away.

This snow is going to stick around for a few days and we may even get more on Christmas Eve. Hope our DC area friends have gotten themselves unburied and our further away friends are staying warm!