Yeah for Friday!

11 Dec

I am not sure how we ended up at almost mid-December but very excited that it is Friday and that Christmas is only two weeks away!

Hadley is feeding herself puffs (if you do not know what a puff is- find out here) and most of them get in her mouth. A few however, she squirrels away for later. Mainly in her sleeve and Kerry loves finding them on the floor.

In other Hadley news, she is pulling herself up onto everything and Kerry and I are getting a workout trying to keep up with her and keep her out of everything.

In Christmas news, Leigh added a cute gift bag to our decorations and new knitted stockings. I forgot to take pictures of the stockings but the bag is even personalized for Miss H.

Hadley is not as fascinated with the tree but the boxes, paper and bows underneath it are her favorite. The packages might stay wrapped until the 25th but I can guarantee on the 25th we will have an eager helper in unwrapping the presents.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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