Delicious truffles from South Dakota

11 Dec

Yep, I said delicious truffles from South Dakota. Dad and Kathy sent me (Kerry does not like chocolate) a box of the most delicious chocolate truffles from a little store near their house. The Chubby Chipmunk is located in the small town of Deadwood but has quite a following. Even, Rachael Ray wrote about them.

A few weeks ago, Leigh called and asked how I liked my truffles. ‘What?’ I asked. She then went on to tell me that Dad and Kathy had sent her the most delicious box of chocolates she had ever had. Of course, realizing this was the chocolate place we had tried to stop by last year on our trip to South Dakota but they were closed, I called up Dad to see where my chocolates were. His response, ‘I thought since Kerry did not eat chocolate that you were not eating it either.’ Really? Kerry does not eat any sweets or vegetables and that does not stop me from partaking in either. Through his laughter, Dad apologized for not including me in the chocolate delivery and promised to send some my way.

They were definitely worth the wait. Yum! And, if you are out in Deadwood- you should stop by. Even if the store is not open- they have a cool vending machine that will dispense you a truffle anytime of day or night.

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