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Hadley's Red Balloon

6 Dec

Santa gave Hadley a balloon and it turned into the greatest toy of the day.

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Two visits with Santa

6 Dec

Since this is Hadley’s first Christmas, we had to do the obligatory photo with Santa this year and it ended up being two trips to see the guy at the mall. Friday night, Kerry and I took Hadley to see Santa and we were convinced she would not want any part of it. She has started to get ‘stranger danger’ lately and we were sure the strange man in the red suit would not be someone she would be warm and friendly around. However, she fooled us both and actually giggled at Santa.

Then, on Saturday- I met Mom in Annapolis and we visited the Santa there. There was a line for the Annapolis Santa but even after waiting Hadley was all smiles about this guy too. She even displayed her recent, “I am number one” pose for this picture.

In othere weekend news, we did get some snow. It is all gone now but it was pretty while it lasted. Since it was the first snow, Kerry built the first blaze in the fireplace. Hadley was fascianted with the whole thing and made several attempts at getting over the blockade.