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Goodbye 2009

31 Dec

Oh what a year! We started off the year pregnant. My friends threw me a shower. We bought many things for Baby V. Kerry bought a recliner for Baby V. We watched a new President come into office. From the comfort of our living room. We made it through 30 weeks of pregnancy. We went to Charleston and Kiawah. We loved both places and enjoyed our ‘babymoon.’ We made it past 35 weeks of pregnancy. We drove around with a carseat in the car. We were not sure if we were going to make it past 36 weeks pregnant. We got a ‘test’ run through labor and delivery but Baby V decided to stay put. I was on bedrest. Kerry’s co-workers threw him a shower (and just in time). We debated names- Hadley Ellen or Ellen Hadley or a few others. We went to the hospital for real. She arrived early and we picked Hadley. She was healthy. We were all happy. We survived the first week. Then the first two weeks. We did get some sleep. Hadley did too. Kerry ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. Hadley and I cheered him on. Dad and Kathy visited and enjoyed the newest family member. We made it through the first month. Kerry turned 37. Kerry had hip surgery. Hadley got shots and was very healthy. I started  to prepare to go back to work. Work sucked. I turned 35. My company bought another company. I interviewed for a new job. Erin, Cory and Elliott came to visit. We played tourist with them. It was great fun. Hadley rolled over both ways. Rolling became her main mode of transportation. She got more shots and was still very healthy. We went to Colorado. Stephanie and Isaiah got married. Hadley was good on both airplane trips. My job still sucked. I got a new job offer. Kerry had to go to Minnesota but luckily his Dad would feel better soon. I started a new job that did not suck.  Hadley got two teeth. Hadley turned 6 months. She started to army crawl. She laughed a lot. We laughed a lot. We got more and more sleep. She slept 12 hours straight. Hadley and I took a roadtrip to North Carolina (with Mom and Leigh). Hadley had her first trip to the ER. We were all traumatized. We went to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Hadley enjoyed seeing all Kerry’s family. We should have purchased Hadley her own seat on the airplane. We decorated for Christmas. Hadley started to pull herself up on all the furniture. We took Hadley to see Santa. Twice. She did not freak out either time. We celebrated Christmas. We had to get a new carseat. We relaxed. We became super competitive in Wii bowling. It is now December 31st. It has been a great year. A really, really great year. Cheers to 2009 and looking forward to 2010.

For the love of popsicles and bowling

28 Dec

While Kerry had a six foot ladder on his Christmas list- I had a Zoku Quick Pop Maker on mine. Kerry thought it was silly but Dad and Kathy nicely fulfilled my wish and now I can have popsicles whenever I want. Well, it takes 7 minutes to be exact but it is super simple.

The Zoku lives in the freezer.

Then when you want a popsicle- fill with juice.

And, 7 minutes later- popsicle is served.

Yum! I have stuck with the super simple orange juice popsicles but I have found ‘recipes’ for pudding pops, fruit-cicles and yogurt granola  crunch-cicles. More to come!

Leigh and Mom surprised us with Wii for Christmas and we have been enjoying the bowling (and tennis and baseball). Kerry and I are both a little competitive and it has been fun to bowl from the comfort of our living room. Also, it can be a pretty good workout! Sometimes as we swing our arms and jump around the room- I wonder what the neighbors across the way are seeing 🙂