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We are back from Minnesota!

28 Nov

On Wednesday morning we headed to Minneapolis for a Thanksgiving with Kerry’s family. Flight was on-time,  lines were fairly short and Hadley was good for most of the flight. It was nothing like our last flight where Hadley was content to be held, slept and just watched the people around us. This time- she wanted to stand on our laps, shriek, screach, eat the magazine, lick the armrest, eat the seat belt buckle, swing her toys around, pull the hair of the person in front of us, try to dive over the seat to visit the people behind us and generally not want to be contained. There was a very nice teenage girl sitting in the row with us and thankfully she was amused with Hadley trying to steal her iPod, People magazine and her bright blue bag. People still commented that she was so good but Kerry and I were exhausted after the flight.

Erin picked us up from the airport and it was off to see Cory, Elliott and Grandpa Ron. Elliott and Hadley became fast friends again and chased each other around the living room. Uncle Cory got some good pictures of their antics that we will post soon.

For Thanksgiving, we headed to Uncle Rich and Aunt Rae’s (great to Hadley) house and had a wonderful meal. While we had dinner, Hadley enjoyed rolling around on the floor.

Kerry found her a special ‘Thanksgiving’ onesie before we left.

It says, ‘Are these people really my relatives?’ Everyone got a good laugh.

We were all stuffed and soundly asleep very early on Thanksgiving night.

I managed to convince Kerry to go shopping Friday morning and we got some good deals at the mall. However, we could not do major shopping because we had to get it home. After a morning of shopping, we headed to lunch with everyone. Right before our lunch arrived, I ran to the restroon to wash my hands. In the two minutes I was gone from the table, Hadley managed to pull my plate off the table and splatter it all over the floor. I arrived back to the table with my lunch all over the floor, Hadley clapping her hands, broken pieces of the dishes at least five feet from my seat and all the adults at the table wondering how she reached that far so quickly.  Kerry and I decided that we were definitely ‘those people,’ as we were leaving the restaurant.

Late Friday afternoon, we headed over to Jeff and Jen’s house for a post-turkey day get together. They were nice enough to host 11 adults and 10 kids! Hadley got her first haircut too. She has these long hairs by her ears and now that they extend to her eyes and mouth- it was time to give them a chop. Jen got her professional scissors out and everyone gathered around. Hadley was not quite sure what was going on but we did save the strands for her baby book.

Today it was back home and the flight was kind of a repeat of Wednesday. Luckily, we had an extra seat in the row so Hadley had a little more room to move. Not that it was enough and she tried everything in her power to get to the nice grandmother sitting behind us.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!