All the ick is gone

2 Nov

Hopefully, we are not jinxing ourselves but it does appear that Hadley’s case of the icks is over. Of course, she was not slowed down by her condition at all but it is nice that everything seems to be back to normal. Now we just have to hope we avoid the flu.


The time change use to grant us an extra hour of sleep on a nice Fall weekend but that seems to have changed this year. Hadley did not get the memo about how great it is to get an extra hour of sleep. Her eyes popped open well before the ‘normal’ time yesterday morning and even with our best efforts she was asleep well before her ‘normal’ bedtime. This morning, the giggles started around 6am and showed no signs of ceasing so all of us were up bright and early. I guess this is going to take a few day adjustment and hoping it gets adjusted before the coming weekend.

Happy Monday!

One Response to “All the ick is gone”

  1. Angela November 3, 2009 at 9:53 pm #

    A really adorable child 🙂

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