Beautiful Sunday

25 Oct


We are lucky to have beautiful weather right now! Kerry thinks it is too warm for official ‘Fall weather’ but I am happy with the 50 degree mornings and the 75 degree afternoons. We took advantage of the clear blue sky this morning and ventured to Great Falls National Park. We both commented that it is hard to believe we were only 15 miles from our house and downtown DC.


The trails around the falls were mostly stroller accessible (having the three wheels helps) and Hadley enjoyed the fresh air. She even managed to fall asleep as we walked along the river.


If you look really, really closely you might be able to find the kayaker we saw come down the falls. We watched him as he came down the upper part and lower rapids. Several times he attempted to get back up the lower rapids.


k102509-2 As we were leaving we counted over 65 cars waiting to get into the park. Driving home, we saw the finish line for the Marine Corp Marathon and Kerry commented that he might have to register for next year. Let the marathon training begin! Hadley and I will gladly be spectators.

One Response to “Beautiful Sunday”

  1. Dr. Blondie October 25, 2009 at 2:23 pm #

    Yes, Kerry, do it!! Brad and I will come to cheer you on….

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