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Thankful for Friday

23 Oct

102309-HV-1Sorry for the lack of posting- I had some sort of mysterious illness on Tuesday and Wednesday (no fever so we are hoping it was not H1N1) but Leigh does have the flu and we hope she feels better soon. We are taking our vitamins, obsessively washing hands and checking Hadley’s temperature regularly.  Flu paranoia has set in.

Hadley turned 7 months yesterday and she managed to close her fingers in the door while she was rolling around on the floor. I was only 18 inches away from her but somehow she got her fingers in the perfect position and they got closed on the hinge side of the door. The screaming that ensued next was heartbreaking but after I distracted her with the frog shaped ice pack all was well. I am not entirely sure if it was one finger, all her fingers or what exactly happened but it was a heart racing way to start the morning for both of us. Obviously, no memory of it for Hadley though because this morning she tried to go straight for the door.

DSC01844Her very favorite place to roll to these days is seen above. She can pull the books off the shelf, grab a diaper to chew on (yum) and try to pull leaves off the plant all at the same time. If she gets moved- she promptly tries to go right back and gets upset if something (aka- the bumbo, a pillow or anything we can use to stop access)is blocking her way. After a ‘battle’ of wills this morning- Kerry and I will win by doing some rearranging this weekend.

We can’t believe how fast time has gone by! Seven whole months and she gets to be more fun everyday.