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A cold start to the week

20 Oct

DSC01842After a miserable, rainy and chilly weekend- we started off this week with cold weather. I discovered on Monday morning that Hadley is not a big fan of the temperature change. We walked out the door into the chilly and windy air and she promptly started her panicky scream. Once she was in the car all was well. I told her I felt the same way about the drastic weather change.

DSC01840It is getting harder to take her picture these days because she is in constant motion. However, I did get one of her wearing her bones onesie from Leigh. This cool onesie even glows in the dark. She got multiple compliments on it while we were out on Sunday.

And, speaking of Sunday- I tried to convince her that she should take an afternoon nap by putting her down in her crib. Last week, we discovered her arms stuck through the front side rails of her crib and her legs stuck through the back side rails of her crib so we have put the bumpers back up. So, since she can’t see me anymore because of the bumpers, I decided to sit in the recliner and wait to see if she fell asleep. All was quiet for a few minutes but out of the corner of my eye- I see her head rising above the bumpers and the crib rail. Hadley figured out how to pull herself up so Kerry figured out how to lower the crib so that does not happen again. No nap was had but luckily no tumbles out of the crib happened either.

DSC01838She is trying so hard to crawl- she can get her legs under her and her arms in the right position but has not quite figured out how to do them together. However, getting where she wants to go is no problem because she is an excellent roller in both directions and has even mastered spinning herself around to get a better angle (or better grab on the computer cord, the wipe container, the leaf of a plant, the remote control, the leg of the chair, a cell phone, a towel, a diaper off the shelf, a picture frame, a book or really anything that is remotely interesting). I think we might be doing some furniture re-arranging this weekend!