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Yum, yum green beans

12 Oct

Various people who have way more experience with kids (i.e., the pediatrician, Hadley’s daycare provider, other moms) have told us that Hadley would probably not like green beans. Howewver, they told us that she would love pears and apples and she just barely tolerates them. Before buying lots of green beans to make her food, I grabbed a small packet and she loves them. She screamed for more after she had eaten one portion size.


They were so good- Hadley even tried to eat them off her bib.


She might not like them next month but they are certainly her favorite right now.


Off to Durham

12 Oct


Last week we had planned for a relaxing three day weekend but we realized on Friday that we needed to go see Uncle Carton and Aunt Marilyn. Carlton had brain surgery on Thursday at Duke University Hospital so Mom, Leigh, Hadley and I (Kerry was on call for work) headed to Durham. It was an easy drive down and Hadley was perfect the whole trip! It was nice to see Uncle Carlton doing better and we enjoyed seeing Aunt Marilyn and cousin Chris. Hadley had a lot fun with everyone- she loved the echoing her voice made in the hospital lobby and got louder and louder by the minute, she loved listening to the man playing the piano, she got a new glowing seahorse from Leigh that plays ocean sounds and lullabies and she loved showing everyone the large quanities of peas she can eat in one sitting. We did discover that Hadley does not like helicopters (you can see it on the roof in the picture above)- we were walking over to the hospital as it was landing and she got very upset. Combine the helicopter with the ambulance sirens and it was meltdown city but once we rushed back into the hotel- all was forgotten.


Hadley made every attempt to try and get on the floor of the hospital lobby but I decided it was not a good idea. After a lot of wandering around the hospital- we found a nice quiet (and clean) corner that we could spread out and let Hadley play. And, if you are ever at Duke University Hospital- they have really good sushi.

We heard today that Uncle Carlton is feeling better and might be able to be moved to the hospital near their house as soon as Thursday. We hope he gets healthy soon!