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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

We started off the day with a trip to the flu clinic to get Hadley’s second part of the seasonal flu shot. Luckily, they had enough for Kerry to get one too. Be sure to ask him why he did not get his shot when we brought Hadley to the pediatrician last month and the doctor offered to vaccinate all three of us but only Hadley and I walked out with the shot.

After the no tears visit to the doctor, we made a stop by Target so Hadley could spend her Halloween money from Mom. I guess since she cannot have the edible treats yet, Grandmom decided cash would be a nice Halloween surprise 🙂 She got a cool stacking toy that does lots of fun things. Of course to Hadley, the most fun is banging two plastic things together and see how loud a noise she can make. Hours of entertainment was had today with this treat!


As mentioned several times before, Hadley is in constant motion. Kerry figured out a way to contain her yesterday. Literally.


And, please notice the wreck that is our living room in this picture. Hadley loves to dump toys all over the floor and spread things around while she attempts to crawl around our living room floor. If we try to clean them up, her lower lip starts to quiver and a slight panic starts. I guess to her there is some order to the chaos. So, the tornado of toys gets put away once she is put to bed and then it starts all over the next morning. 

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween!


The Alamo and a serious case of the icks

29 Oct


I spent the beginning of the week in San Antonio for work- nice city but no direct flight from Washington, DC- so I spent part of Monday getting there and most of Wednesday getting home. The trip down was extended by an hour due to bad storms and most of the trip was really, really bouncy. The trip home was a lot less eventful and it was nice to be back home. Business travel really does not allow for sightseeing (you know- that work thing gets in the way every time) but since the Alamo was a two block walk from the hotel- I did squeeze in a short visit after a long work day. I obviously did no research before my trip because I did not know the Alamo was right in downtown San Antonio. I guess I pictured it being a little bit removed from the city but it is literally surrounded by restaurants, shops, hotels and offices. It was free to visit and I got a small history tour. Definitely worth visiting if you are in San Antonio!


Otherwise, the trip was all work but we did get to enjoy two dinners on the Riverwalk.

Kerry did an excellent job of taking care of Hadley while I was gone but I did get greeted last night with a runny nose, a slight cough and some stomach issues. No fever equals no flu but she definitely has a serious case of the icks. Her ickiness has not impacted her movement and we both have a feeling that we will be showing you crawling video very soon. She now gets her legs in the right position and does this lunging movement forward. She is so close! While I was gone- she mastered sitting and her new favorite thing is to dump all the toys out around her.


Or to get under anything that seems interesting.


Hope everyone is having a great week!