First real food, first tooth and busy weekend

21 Sep


Since Hadley is almost 6 months old- we were given the green light to start trying new foods. The big four choices were sweet potatoes, peas, pears or green beans. After lots of advice, sweet potatoes won the first food battle. Hadley loved them and really did not create a big mess. She was great about swallowing and eagerly reached for more.

DSC01717Kerry and I even commented about how easy this all was. About twenty minutes after she completed her little meal- we noticed her cheeks were flushed and her head was really warm. Neither of these issues bothered her and after watching her carefully, we just chalked it up to first food and teething. So, the next morning it was into the sweet potatoes again. And, the same reaction occurred. This time, I called the doctor and the nice nurse informed me that it sounded like she was having some sort of reaction to the sweet potatoes and to not feed her anymore. Of course, in my head I am exclaiming, ‘Allergic to SWEET POTATOES!?!’ After I ask if this is an allergic reaction, she even more nicely says that most likely it is not allergic but a possible reaction to the niacin and maybe we should just feed her peas until we see the doctor on Friday for her check-up.

Kerry has a real aversion to peas (and most other green, healthy vegetables) so it was quite funny listening him tell Hadley about the ‘tasty, yummy peas.’ She seemed to believe him and ate them as happily as she ate the sweet potatoes.

DSC01725We headed to Annapolis very early Saturday morning to participate in a 5k race at Mom’s elementary school. Hadley, Mom and I did the walk but Leigh ran the race. Hadley got very excited when everyone was cheering for the runners. Several times people cheered she giggled and threw her arms up. I think she thought the cheering was for her.

DSC01730We made it home in time to get dressed up in our Tennessee gear and head to a friends to watch the game. Hadley got fussy at the game and Kerry and I assumed it was from starting the day off so early and all the new excitement. It took us most of the game to realize that the problem was the new tooth in her mouth! She started chewing on my hand and I felt the sharp bottom tooth. Sorry, no pictures yet but we are trying! It looks like the second one will be joining the bottom row any day now.

On Sunday, I left Kerry and Hadley to watch football and headed to a friend’s baby shower. It was the first time I had been to a shower where everyone had kids (and four people there had a set of twins). I learned that a reaction to sweet potatoes is not uncommon, about a park near our house called ‘The Pit’ that is a must visit and more easy baby food recipes. It was nice to catch up with friends and the guest of honor was having contractions so their new baby girl may be arriving sooner than planned.

And, be sure to have the volume up when you listen to this video.

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