5 random thoughts Wednesday

16 Sep

1.  I got a letter from the City saying I had to fill out the attached jury questionaire. I did fill it out but got annoyed when I had to put my own stamp on the envelope. What? You want me to be on a jury but I have to pay the postage? I did learn that after age 70 I can excuse myself from participating if I wish.

2. I am remembering how great it is to be treated like an adult in the workplace. This was something my last company lacked and I am glad to have it back. I don’t have to sit at my desk until 5:30 just because that is what is expected anymore. If I come in and do my work, I can go home when I feel I need too. No asking permission or being made to feel guilty. It is a wonderful motivator and even if I am here until 5:30 it is because I am doing something- not, surfing Facebook or the internet to make the time pass.

3. Kerry says random funny things in the middle of the night. A few months ago, he announced that Hadley was the ‘loudest.baby.ever’ as she babbled to herself around 3am. This week, she has been teething some and her sleep pattern is all over the place so I was awoken at 4am to him telling me that, ‘Hadley tried to gouge my eyes out.’ In my haziness, it was bizarre and funny but he was serious. Really? She is 5 1/2 months old and I doubt she was trying to gouge his eyes out as he nicely tried to rock her back to sleep. She is far from gentle as she tries to grab onto your face, ears, nose, upper arm, hair or really any section of skin she can grab but I know she was not purposely trying to take out his sight. But to Kerry, she was and my laughing was not nice.

4. Where did summer go? I am sad I missed it.

5. Now that my commute is shorter- I get to work earlier and leave earlier and it takes me less time to get home AND we still are not consistently making healthy dinners. I have no excuse. I am home a solid hour before I use to get home but I am enjoying that time to catch-up with Kerry, play with Hadley and just relax. I need to cook. Motivate me please.

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