I'm not making this up

2 Sep

starbucksI got offered a new job several weeks ago (I can’t tell you the exact date because I have already packed up my office and my Andy Warhol calendar) but I could not resign right away because my boss was on vacation. The day he was finally back from vacation, I was home sick with Hadley. The next day, even though I did not feel well, I went to work so I could resign and I arrived to find out that my boss was not there because he threw out his back. He was out the next day too. Finally, feeling like he was never going to come back and I had already waited 10 days to resign- I called him and told him over the phone. He was doped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers and really does not remember me resigning. He never came back that week. When he did come back we had to go over all the facts about my departure again. Now, I am finishing out my final week here and I really have nothing to do. My office is packed up, files have been passed along and I have spent numerous hours on the internet. After getting tired of internet land I did go back and re-label all the electronic files of Hadley with month-day-year and if it was picture 1, 2 or 50 from that specific day. I know, nerd but I have ample free time at the moment. I really wanted to resign and have them tell me to just not worry about coming in so I could sit by the pool but that did not happen so I have been bored out of my mind sitting at my office. Secretly, I think our HR person might be enjoying this form of torture. I will never get these hours back but I have had some entertaining moments with my colleagues. Since it was August on Capitol Hill and my current company bought another company and they are trying to figure out the merger I am not the only one not working. I have learned how to make parsley mayonnaise, had daily paper ball into the trash can shot competitions, created a Starbucks ‘village’ and debated world saving topics like Michael Jackson, odds of winning Powerball (and what you would spend it on) and hours of ‘which is worse….?’ And, we have been out to lunch several times. As I have mentioned before I will miss my colleagues but I am ready to start working again.

In all the photo organizing I found some great Hadley pics. She was so small!





Enough rambling for the day. I need to go home. Early.

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