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From scratch baby food

29 Sep

Hadley started solid foods (well, not really solid because they are pureed until they do not resemble anything solid) about two weeks ago and besides the little reaction to sweet potatoes, all is well. So far, she like peas, loves carrots and tolerates pears. We will be trying green beans, apples, yogurt and plums in the next round. Basically, she has to eat the same thing for four straight days so we can be sure she is not going to react to it and then we can vary up the menu a little. Not that she minds eating the same thing for every meal because she has basically been doing that for the last six months.

My plan all along has been to make baby food but I decided to buy the organic jars of food first so I could see what she likes and then start making food after that. Since she only eats an ounce of food at a time, I did not want an abundance of food she did not like and I knew if she did not like peas that Kerry was certainly not going to finish them off for me.  I say I will be making it from scratch but really it is just steaming the food and then pureeing in my food processor. No additional ingredients. Nothing complicated.  Best part- the serving are easily stored in ice cube trays (perfect one ounce serving) and we can just pop out and defrost as needed.


16 pounds of baby

28 Sep


Hadley had her 6 month check-up on Friday and she now weighs 16 pounds 5 ounces. This explains my defined arm muscles. The doctor was impressed with her standing ability, her health and her ability to grab onto anything within reach. She tried to take both the growth chart out of his hand and was very reluctant to release the stethoscope from her grip. Also, she showed her new skill of standing on one foot (her left) and the doctor confirmed this was an early sign of her foot preference. So, we might have a left footed and left handed daughter. She was a trooper about getting her shots and only let out a cry on the third one but the crying quickly ended after she was allowed to stand back up and she had no side effects the rest of the day.

In other news, her second tooth looks like it is about to poke through and the fact that her clothes are covered in drool seems to confirm this. If you look closely in the below picture you can see both. They may look small  but I think we both have tiny cuts on our fingers from the first ones. Those little teeth are sharp!

092709-HV-2Hadley got to spend all day with Kerry on Saturday while I went to New Jersey with Mom to meet up with our friends from our Italy trip in 2002. It was so nice to catch up with everyone (I forgot my camera) and to hear about the recent travels, weddings, babies and life in general. Also, it made us want to take another vacation very soon!

Kerry and Hadley did some shopping and enjoyed an afternoon of college football. Yesterday, was more football, more errands and just enjoying the time at home.