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Two different books

28 Aug

hadleyrichardsonI was waiting for the elevator this morning with Hadley and another mom with a baby girl who looked to be about the same age as Hadley was standing right next to us. As we waited and got on the elevator, the woman started asking me questions about Hadley’s age and name (by the way, Hadley is a total ham. She obviously loves the word ‘cute’ because anytime a random stranger uses the word- she gets a HUGE smile and puts her hands up to her face. Kerry and I are totally convinced she is saying in her head in a very coy way- ‘Cute? Who me? You can’t possibly think I am the cutest thing ever’). I told the woman her name and for the first time I had someone ask if we named her after Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. Now that I am writing this, I realize I did not directly say ‘no’ but said, ‘we found the name in a book and really liked it.’ She immediately started talking about how that was one of her favorite books and loved Ernest Hemingway so much. Of course, in my pre-coffee pre-9am long work week haze- I had no idea what book she was referring too. I was certain she was not referring to the baby name book we found the reference to Hadley in because Hemingway definitely did not write that book.

As I drove to work and remembered the torture of having to read two fairly depressing Hemingway books in high school- I could not think of the book that mentioned Hadley Richardson. I do appreciate Hemingway as an author but those weeks of reading, dissecting, discussing, re-discussing, re-reading and writing papers about depressing material were not my favorite high school moments. So, since it is August and I am only at this job another week- I immediately went to to see what book she was referring to and the title jumped right out at me. A Moveable Feast was Hemingway’s memoir and was edited and published after his death. I admit I have never read his memoir but have added it to my library list. Even though she is not Hadley’s namesake, I am a bit curious about Hadley Richardson.

And, the little girl in the elevator’s name was Ellen. I told her mom she had a beautiful name too.

No longer crossing the river

26 Aug

capitolhillNext Friday will be my last day driving to Capitol Hill for work because I have accepted a new job that is closer to our house. No more waiting on the 14th Street Bridge. No more taking 30 minutes to go two blocks due to security barricades, protesters or motorcades. I will miss my work friends, being able to walk to the museums, having meetings in the Congressional offices and just the general fun of being around things political but I won’t miss the drive, the traffic or my windowless office (windows got covered by the construction of another building a few months ago). So, in September it is off to Crystal City. Land of the underground mall, Reagan National Airport and a myriad of office buildings. But, it is a great job with great benefits (and much more stability) plus it is a much shorter commute, has great flexibility and a nice 11th floor office with a nice big window. I am looking forward to the new gig!

I still have the crud and have gone through a box of Kleenex. Hadley is feeling much better than me (and better in general) and is almost back to her happy self. Luckily, Kerry has not been infected by our germs.

I will post Hadley photos soon. This short-timer must get a little work done today.