Fall Preview

30 Aug

083009-HV-1We were at Target this weekend and happened upon the Halloween section. Hadley is now outfitted with a pumpkin hat, two Halloween onesies and two pretty cool pair of orange socks. Kerry says that these can also double at Tennessee football watching attire. I could not get a smile out of Hadley about the hat but it sure looks cute on her.

Speaking of Tennessee football- it begins next weekend. And, since I have accepted my fate of having to watch games this coming season- I have added a Tennessee cake pan (doubles as a dip pan) to our collection. So watch out for the t-shaped cake/brownies if you come to our house for game watching.


Kerry is overjoyed about the beginning of Fall while I am a little sad to see summer go. We have not been to the beach or the pool this summer and I feel like the last few months have flown by. I guess that is what happens when you add a little one into the mix. I am determined to spend time at the pool next weekend.

Hadley and I are over the last remnants of the cold that plagued us all last week but now Kerry is starting to sniffle.  We hope he does not get the cold we both had. We had a pretty quiet weekend- relaxed after a long week, ran errands and just got things done around the house. Hadley managed to go both days with just two 20 minute naps. These short cat naps completely revive her for several more hours of rolling around the floor, playing with anything in reach, trying to eat the two of us, trying to eat her toes, trying to destroy her playmat piece by piece, round and round in the exersaucer and long spurts of giggling. After watching all this- we are both exhausted.


One Response to “Fall Preview”

  1. Dad September 2, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    I hate to tell Kerry this, but Hadley is looking more like her mother every day…

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