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No longer crossing the river

26 Aug

capitolhillNext Friday will be my last day driving to Capitol Hill for work because I have accepted a new job that is closer to our house. No more waiting on the 14th Street Bridge. No more taking 30 minutes to go two blocks due to security barricades, protesters or motorcades. I will miss my work friends, being able to walk to the museums, having meetings in the Congressional offices and just the general fun of being around things political but I won’t miss the drive, the traffic or my windowless office (windows got covered by the construction of another building a few months ago). So, in September it is off to Crystal City. Land of the underground mall, Reagan National Airport and a myriad of office buildings. But, it is a great job with great benefits (and much more stability) plus it is a much shorter commute, has great flexibility and a nice 11th floor office with a nice big window. I am looking forward to the new gig!

I still have the crud and have gone through a box of Kleenex. Hadley is feeling much better than me (and better in general) and is almost back to her happy self. Luckily, Kerry has not been infected by our germs.

I will post Hadley photos soon. This short-timer must get a little work done today.