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A serious case of the icks

24 Aug

It has been a long few days. First, Kerry’s dad ended up in the hospital Thursday night so we decided that Kerry needed to go to Minnesota first thing Friday morning. Thankfully, Ron is doing much better and hopefully will be home all healthy later this week. Since I was already exhausted from a long week, Hadley and I headed to Annapolis so we could be spoiled by Mom. Well, we were spoiled but I think we also wore Mom out. Hadley woke up very early Saturday morning and was fussy, drooling, coughing and generally not eating well. This was not a great way to celebrate her 5 month-day. As the day went on, it just got worse. Then Sunday started off even earlier and her symptoms were even worse. She was over-tired, obviously bothered by the teething, eyes were running and green snot was now coming out her nose. Hadley and I picked Kerry up the airport and by the time we got back home, I was feeling as bad as Hadley (minus the teeth pain). Hadley went to the doctor this morning and the doc confirmed both the teething and the common summer cold. I even got my ears looked at to see if I had an infection. No infection for Hadley- just general unpleasantness and the shocking news was this could last for 10-14 days. Poor Hadley. I hope it goes away soon because she is quite miserable and thinks the nose syringe (aka the snot sucker) is an evil torture device. The medical advice we got was baby Tylenol as needed, sleep on an incline and steam up the bathroom to try and clear her nose and cough.

Hadley is sleeping away the afternoon and I am horizontal on the couch.


Now, we are just waiting for Kerry to get the same cold that the other two-thirds of the house has currently.