Three days of just the two of us

19 Aug


Well, not three full days but close. Kerry had to go out of town for work on Monday and got back tonight so Hadley and I were on our own. Wow. Being the only one home is a lot of work! The first night Kerry was gone- Hadley fell asleep at 7pm and I chalked it up to a busy weekend, active day with the kids at daycare, and just being a Monday kind of evening but then she fell asleep at 7pm last night and tonight. It is almost 7pm on the dot. At about 6:57 she starts rubbing her eyes and putting her hands behind her head and then she is out. O-u-t. Sound asleep. For the last two mornings she has slept until 6:45am. Straight through until 6:45. For all you baby-less readers- I know you totally do not appreciate uninterrupted sleep and probably wonder why we talk about it so much. I did not appreciate uninterrupted sleep until I no longer had it as an option. Kerry and I spend a lot of time talking about sleep and poop and while these topics never really seemed important months ago they are highly important now. Specifically the sleep part because if Hadley sleeps, we all sleep and we appreciate sleep on such a different level now. I consciously try not to talk about poop on here out of respect for you readers but if you ever have questions- let me know 🙂

Anyway, back to Kerry being out of town (he definitely got uninterrupted sleep while he was gone). I was chief childcare person plus dishwasher, cook, laundry mat, taxi and lottery ticket buyer all wrapped into one while going to my ‘other’ job. Luckily, it was only for 60 some hours. We are both really glad he is back from his trip.

Hadley loves to play with anything she can get a firm grasp on.

081809-HV-2Or anything she can try to put in her mouth.


More to come! Happy Wednesday!

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