Weather watching season

16 Aug


Since the first tropical storms appeared in the Atlantic Ocean late this week- it has officially become weather watching season at our house. Kerry’s job is literally impacted by the weather and since he was on call this weekend we got lots of weather updates. We got them at Target. We got them when we were out to lunch. We got them first thing in the morning. We got them during the PGA Championship television coverage. If given the opportunity, we would have probably gotten them with green eggs and ham too. Now, we are just hoping that all the storms disappear quietly into the landless yonder of the Atlantic.

We hosted a 35th birthday party for our friend Chris last night and Hadley thought the party was for her. She had a whole assortment of people to stare at, babble at, get to hold her and just make noises for. She is a total ham (obviously gets this from her Dad). All of our guests were impressed by her prompt 8pm bedtime and we were even more impressed with her sleeping until 9am this morning. Secretly I hope that she gets the concept of the weekend but know logically this is not the case. She was just tired from all the excitement. Today, she had a big day of shopping with Grandmom.

081609-HV-2And, after all that shopping (and entertaining several random strangers at the mall)- exhaustion set in.


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