Where did summer go?

14 Aug

August already? I saw school buses today and really can’t figure out where summer disappeared too. My favorite season is quickly coming to an end and I feel like we have not done any of those summer things yet. We have not gone to the pool (pathetic considering where it is located) or gone to the beach!

It has been a crazy, busy week so I have been a bad blogger. Hadley has had a great week and learned a few new things this week. The first is best described as spitting- and we are trying not to laugh about it because we don’t want to encourage it but it is pretty funny. She kind of sprays saliva all around by vibrating her lips together (aka the ‘motorboat’ noise). The second is mastering the roll. She rolled from her back to stomach at 7 weeks but then did not go the other way until the exact day of being 4 months old. Now, she is rolling around constantly and is so pleased with herself.


And, she still loves the exersaucer. We have to start every morning with time by the window.


I ‘dressed’ her up for the babysitter this week (secretly I feel bad if she does not wear the clothes people have given her as a gift).

DSC01514Hadley enjoys plastic cups, spoons and water bottles more than any other toy. Earlier this week we added newspaper to the list. However, her playtime was cut short when Mom informed us of that they are not allowed to have the advertisements in schools because of the toxins in the ink. Hadley was not happy when we ended her fun.



At the suggestion of the pediatrician, we tried rice cereal last weekend but after three attempts it was obvious that there was no interest. So, with advice of the same pediatrician we are going to try again later. She was still way more interested in the spoon and I don’t think a drop of the rice cereal made it in her stomach.


Hope everyone had a great week!

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