More sights of Denver

8 Aug

Dad and Kathy arrived Sunday night for Hadley’s baptism and afterwards we went to the Denver Botanical Gardens. Kerry gave commentary on the ‘weeds’ but did find a few acceptable plants in the place. DSC01430


Kerry snapped what I thought would be a cute picture of me kissing Hadley but her face tells a difference story.


But, we did discover that there is no need to bring toys along on trips- just give Hadley a water bottle (or plastic cup) and she is perfectly happy.


Then on Tuesday, we headed downtown for a tour of Coors Field. The tour was nice since the stadium was basically empty but the guide was a little long-winded. And, I am not sure all her facts were entirely correct but it was still cool to be on the field, see the press box, go into the visiting team locker room and see some of the suites.





We had a great trip but we learned that our carefree, one suitcase, going all day kind of vacations are over. Hadley was a great traveler but she adds a whole new experience to our travels. There are multiple suitcases, stroller, car seat, bottles, blankets, toys, hotels with cribs, cars big enough for all the stuff and special airport lines.  Even with all the extra stuff- we are looking forward to our next trip.

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