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And, we got Hadley baptized…

5 Aug


Hadley got baptized at St. Mary’s Church in Denver and the only part she did not like was the salt in her mouth.


Her godmother even flew in from Seattle for the big event.


And, we put her in the christening gown my grandmother bought in England over 40 years ago. All Hadley wanted to do was to try and eat it or pull it over her head.


But, it was nice to get pictures of her in the gown. And, the grandparents were proud.



Butterflies and one beautiful bride

5 Aug

We started our Saturday with a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion and quickly learned it was not just butterflies. We saw sea stars (starfish is an ‘outdated and wrong’ classification), a watermelon eating tortoise, spiders, roaches, beetles and a tarantula named Rosie. Kerry was the first to volunteer to hold Rosie.


Then he laughed at us for being chickens persuaded Mom and I to hold her. I am not a big fan of spiders but to my surprise- she was soft, weighed less than an ounce and was not creepy. Hadley was fascinated with her too.


Hadley’s favorite part might have been the sunflowers outside.


Then it was off to get ready for Stephanie and Isaiah’s wedding. Mom graciously offered to watch Hadley while Kerry and I went to the wedding. While the two of them were watching Lawrence Welk on PBS (Hadley is a big fan)- we were enjoying seeing friends! But, we failed to take any pictures of the two of us together dressed up.

The wedding was beautiful, the food and cake were delicious but it was definitely the first time I have ever heard a minister talk about nerve endings, unsuccessful marriages and his marital woes during a ceremony. But, it was under ten minutes and off we went to the reception. Stephanie and Isaiah are a great couple and we are a tad jealous of their honeymoon trip to Belize.

DSC01353Saturday night was the latest we stayed up for our entire vacation and it was only 10:30 pm….