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Hanging with the family

26 Jul


Erin, Cory and Elliott got here on Wednesday night and we have kept them busy ever since. They toured around the Mall on Thursday and visited the Natural History Museum. Then Friday, Kerry and I both stayed home for work. The first adventure of the day was taking Hadley to her 4 month check-up. It was time for another round of shots. She was a trooper again like at the two month appointment but we did have a few tears this time. The main problem started when the nurse took her foot away from her hand (so she could get the shot in her thigh). Her face started to turn red because of the loss of her favorite play toy and then the shot was put into her thigh. The loud angry scream lasted about five seconds but I am fairly certain the entire office heard her. We gave her a nice big hug and all was well with the world again. Hadley is now 25 inches long and weighs 13 pounds, 12 ounces. The doctor told us we were doing a fabulous job and that she was in great health. He wants us to start feeding her rice cereal daily but hold off on other foods for awhile.

After the adventure to the doctor, we took Erin, Cory and Elliott to Arlington Cemetery, did the walk up the hill to Robert E. Lee’s house, saw the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, the eternal flame, Iwo Jima, dinner in Del Ray and dessert at the Dairy Godmother. All were a big hit.


On Saturday we were out of the house early to tour Mount Vernon. (FYI, this is Hadley’s third trip to Mount Vernon but her tour giving skills are not perfected yet). Mom joined in on the fun and we took the cruise of the Potomac from the Mount Vernon Wharf.


Hadley and Elliott were both perfect babies and even though they had spent the day in the heat, on a boat, being fed and changed in public and toted all over the place. They were still in good spirits to attend a party so off we went to see friends, have a delicious dinner and enjoy a nice summer evening.  The kids were exhausted by the time their bedtime arrived and their parents were not far behind.

We did more touring around today but I forgot to bring in my camera so the Sunday pictures will have to wait. I am entirely too tired from our day in DC to walk back to the car. We have had a great time showing Erin, Cory and Elliott around!