Seeing someone smaller than me

20 Jul


I took Hadley to a music class at Gymboree on Saturday and she was fascinated with the babies that were smaller than her and with the little girl next to her who was mastering the army crawl. She was not so fascinated with the music class. The teacher was so nice and we will definitely be going back when Hadley gets a little older but right now it does not seem worth it. She was not a big fan of the singing clown and did not like spending time on her back. She loves to be held so she can stand-up so I tried this in class- and she started her wide array of noises (now includes a growl) and the rest of the parents in the class giggled at her. Then, she spent time on her stomach on a mirror and did not like the purple ball assigned to her. Kerry was all proud that she latched onto the orange ball. After this exhausting display (and I think slight boredom), Hadley curled up on the floor and went to sleep before the class was even over. We did learn a few few songs to sing and are looking forward to visiting again in a few months.

Then on Sunday, we made a trip to Annapolis to go shopping with Grandmom. Hadley was perfect through lunch, shopping and seeing friends. When we got back into the car- it was serious nap time. We took the long way home so we could stop by and see Cyrus (and, Shadi and Adam). He is adorable and about the same size Hadley was when she was born. I totally forgot how little newborns are! Shadi and I traded babies and at first, Hadley was a little skeptical of me holding Cyrus. However, Shadi helped her put her foot in her mouth and they became fast friends.

We have a big week ahead! Aunt Erin, Uncle Cory and cousin Elliott are coming to visit. They arrive Wednesday night and will be here until Tuesday morning. We are excited to show them around town and to see Elliott and Hadley together. We will definitely post pictures.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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