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A picture worth a 1000 words

15 Jul


This pretty much sums up my last 24 hours. There is a sound effect that goes with this face that is basically loud and extended humming. Hadley is very, very happy to make this sound. I was not so happy to hear this sound start last night around 11 pm and not end until 5am this morning. Kerry and I diplomatically split ‘Hadley duty,’ and alternate nights with the monitor. Some nights require nothing, some nights may require one 4am feeding to a relatively sleepy baby who goes right back to sleep after getting her stomach filled but last night was a debacle. She fell asleep at her normal time of 8pm and when I checked on her before I went to bed- she was sound asleep, hands behind her head and looked so peaceful. Then, I was awoken at 11pm by the humming. I let her hum for a few minutes and thought she was drifting back to sleep until I noticed her eyes were as big as saucers and she was rolling side to side. Silly me went in to check on her and when she saw me approaching her crib, she threw her arms in the air and screeched with a huge smile on her face like, ‘yeah, you are awake and here to play with me.’ I scooped her up and began to rock her for a few minutes hoping to see her little eyes close again. But no, the giggles, humming and cooing continued. She was so happy to have company. I tried everything for the next hour and nothing worked. I brought her into our room thinking maybe the change of scenery would lead her to get tired. Instead, as I sat on our bed holding her and rubbing her head- Kerry stirred from his slumber and mumbled something and Hadley immediately perked up. I am sure she was thinking, ‘oh, look- they are both here.’

Next, I grabbed the bouncy seat. The vibration of the seat always puts her to sleep and I put her next to our bed. There was quiet for a few minutes and as I was almost back to sleep- the digitzed music of Mozart started to echo through the room. The bouncy seat has a frog attached that upon pulling his legs- it plays music. Hadley must have pulled it ten times before I scooped her and the annoying chair up and went to the living room.

I tried another bottle, another rock in the chair, stretched out on the floor, Kerry tried to cuddle with her, we tried to swaddle her and nothing worked. Finally about 5am she decided she had enough and it was time to sleep.

Tonight, Kerry has ‘Hadley¬† duty.’